Fear cannot penetrate my inner being.

I enjoy living a life free from fear. I take action every day that helps keep it at bay and if it does try to creep into my mind, the minute I feel the first inklings of it, I banish it. It runs away like the cowardly thing it is, disappearing into the darkness from whence it came!

My unfailing optimism is part of my mindset that helps keep fear away.

When scary things happen, I expect the best ending to the situation, and usually I get it. When challenges arise, I expect to find a solution, and usually I find one.

I meditate every day and this helps provide an ongoing shield against being afraid. In my meditations, I visualize joy and happiness. There is no room for being scared here.

I maintain peace and serenity with my meditations.

If I should start to feel fear, I replace the negative thoughts with positive images and affirmations. I remind myself that I am stronger than fear and that it has no hold over me.

I take action to do what I can to make every situation better. When my mind is focused on action, there is no time for worrying, so, once again, I push fear away out of my mind and replace it with something positive.

Today, I plan to enjoy a carefree day without fear, sailing through my day’s journey on a calm sea of optimism, positivity, and joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I fear?
  2. What can I do to banish my fears and replace them with positive thoughts?
  3. How much time do I sit around worrying about the “what ifs,” instead of taking action to bring about beneficial results?

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