I give myself permission to be happy.

So I let myself be happy by allowing myself to be me. Then I let myself have permission to be happy.  I am free from the internal pressure to be like someone else. My joy depends solely on what is in my heart. I reflect daily to find my inner fire and pursue it. My life is fulfilling because I follow my own passions and dreams. My face always wears a smile. My smile is my most beautiful accessory. Even when I don’t feel happy, I smile.

I know that if I lead with my actions, my heart will follow, so I give myself permission to be happy. 

I am happy because I have a thankful heart. My Creator has given me everything I need to be content. My happiness comes from relationships and experiences, not from material possessions. I do not measure my success with material possessions; nor will I become a slave to the unending cycle of buying ‘stuff’ in an attempt to quench an insatiable thirst. I know happiness cannot be bought. Happiness is free. It is available to me, and I choose to seize it. I allow myself to see the good in every situation. I focus on positive things.

Happiness is having the right perspective, so I give myself permission to be happy.

Like a camera lens, I choose to zoom in on the good. Therefore, when goodness is magnified, I experience happiness. I give myself permission to be happy right now. Instead of searching for a place of happiness, I find that happiness is a state of being.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I allow insignificant things to get in the way of my true happiness?
  2. How can I avoid being critical of myself?
  3. What is one thing I can do today that will bring me joy?

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