I rely on others with an open heart.

I accept help from others gladly. Relying on others strengthens both my relationships and myself.

I enjoy being needed by others and love the feelings I get when I am able to help my friends and family.

It is in this spirit that I gladly accept help when I need it from others. Helping and being helped builds a community that nourishes my soul.

Positive relationships foster a sense of well being that I enjoy.

When I allow myself to rely on others, I allow them the same rewards of the soul that I receive when I help them. We build a bond that supports both the body and the mind.

When I am sick and allow others to help me with my daily care, when I am over extended at work and allow others to take on some of the load, or when I just need time out and allow others to take care of my children, I am forging relationships.

Just as I would do these things for others with a glad heart, I seek help with a glad heart, too.

Today, I choose to let go of the fear or pride that prevents me from openly accepting help. When I allow others to help me, I am strengthening my relationships and building a rock-solid foundation.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I opened my heart to accepting help from others?
2. Have I allowed fear or pride to hinder my acceptance of help?
3. How has helping others – and allowing them to help me – strengthened my relationships?

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