Courage – The Weapon Against Fear

Fear is a natural part of life.  We all will fear something at least once in our lifetime. Joyfulness is often determined more by whether you stand up to fear, or let it beat you. Do you have the courage to move forward in spite of your fears?  Can you use courage as a weapon against mediocrity?

Within you is the strength to stand up to the paralyzing effects of fear with Courage.

Do you have the courage to speak for yourself and allow your voice to be heard? While fear tries to paralyze you, the courage in your heart could set you free.  What do you need to inspire you to use that courage?

Do you wonder what if the fear of rejection is unable to stop you from trying? Consider what if you conquer your fears with determination, instead of becoming immobilized?  How amazing would you be then?

Does the voice of insecurity try to hide you away from the world?  Consider, does the voice make you feel inadequate? However, you can ignore those feelings and allow self-confidence to accompany you wherever you go.

Above all you have been created for a specific purpose. Your future is yours to claim and is worth fighting for.  Do you know you are unique and strong?

That is to say you can conquer fear, doubt, and disbelief through by understanding who you are with courage.

Critical words said to you can now fall on deaf ears. Only encouragement and positive messages are allowed to reach your ears. You strengthen yourself by being selective about what you allow your mind to think about.  Marinade in positivity.  Stew your mind in love and joy.  Toss what does not serve you.

Self-confidence gives you courage against the fear of inferiority. You are worthy to be where you are right now, doing what you are doing in this moment.

Be free from the need to make others look bad in order to feel good about yourself.  You are no less a queen because you straighten the crown of your fellow queens.   

Today, you choose to believe your best day is ahead of you. Your passion is stronger than any of your fears of failure.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does fear affect you?
  2. What can you do today to conquer at least one fear?
  3. How can you learn to overlook criticism from others?

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