I am love.  I feel loved.

There are many people who care about me and stand by my side through thick and thin and love me. No matter what happens in life, my friends and family are always there for me.

Knowing I’m not alone helping me to be courageous in the face of uncertainty.

I may have to face challenges, but I do not have to face them alone. My family’s love empowers me against the paralyzing effects of fear.

Worrying about situations cannot change their outcome, which is why I let go of worry and, instead, embrace adventure.

Fear has no purpose but to be a distraction. Love instead.

When I think of how much I am loved, I am able to conquer fear. I am able to face risks with a fearless attitude. I refrain from conjuring a million negative scenarios or what-ifs in my head. Instead, I free myself to enjoy life with peace of mind.

I give up control of the future because the future is not mine to control. Love instead.

What I do have control over is the kind of attitude I have. My attitude is filled with optimism. I believe that good things are coming my way because my life has a great purpose.

Though sadness, trials, and tragedy may happen, I am free from fear because there is an abundance of love to carry me through those times.

Today, I choose to enjoy peace of mind as I rest in the arms of love. The more I reflect on the love in my life, the stronger I feel about facing any trial that may come my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who loves me?

2. What do I accomplish by worrying?

3. How does love empower me over fear?

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