I take life as it comes, I am accepting of life, and strive to make the most of every situation.

When life is good, I am grateful. When it seems bad, I am still grateful and seek the silver lining, for I know that in most challenges there is also something good if only I can find it.

Sometimes life is hard, and I accept that. I am accepting of life.

Challenges are a natural part of my wonderful life. Even if life were a rose garden, there would still be thorns.

I let go of any tendency to bemoan my circumstances.

So what if they are not as I planned? I can use my challenges to my advantage. Through challenges, I can learn new ways of looking at things or gain new knowledge that can boost me forward.

Even if they boost me in a new direction, that’s okay because I am flexible. Just as a mighty oak withstands the greatest storm by bending in the wind so, too, can I bend with my circumstances.

No matter what, I know who I am and where I am going, even if I have to take a new route to get there!

Regardless of life’s circumstances, I can always make the right decisions. I maintain clear priorities so that I can always remain true to myself. That way, wherever life takes me, I can stay on a track that is right for me.

Today, I think of life as a grand adventure: come what may, I accept it and look forward to what may come next!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I accept challenges as a natural part of life?
2. Do I seek the silver lining?
3. Am I struggling against my current circumstances? How can I accept them and move forward?

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