I eradicate anger through empathy.

Anger has no place in me because I bathe myself in grace and use empathy. When I am tested, mercy flows through me toward others.

I choose to be patient, rather than to give in to anger.

My emotions are under the authority of love. I allow love to rule over my feelings and actions. My mind is trained to resort to love first before reacting.

By soaking in compassion and kindness, I soften my responses.

In situations when I feel myself growing angry, I stop and take deep, cleansing breaths. I picture the face of someone I love in place of the person upsetting me. By envisioning a loved one in their place, I immediately tap into my love reserves and find a way to respond with kindness. I give people a chance to prove or explain themselves before jumping to conclusions. By refraining from judging, I prevent myself from overreacting. I gather all the details about a situation before deciding on a course of action. I rid myself of anger by looking at things from others’ points of view.

Empathy gives me a better understanding of the motives and intentions of others.

I remove pride and selfishness from my actions so I can think clearly. Anger is the result of untamed emotions fueled by selfishness.

I tame my emotions in order to be an agent of peace and forgiveness, instead of anger.

Today, I choose to think positively in every situation. Rather than getting angry, I give others the benefit of the doubt and listen to their point of view first.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Are my emotions under control?
  2. How does love change my responses?
  3. Why is it necessary to listen to others’ points of view?

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