Because I value those who enrich my life by their presence and love, I consider their feelings in my words, actions and decisions.

While I have let go of the idea that other people’s feelings should dictate my actions, I consider the effects that my choices will have on those closest to me and bear that in mind.

I recognize that their feelings and concerns are as valid as my own.

Life is like a pool of water. When I toss in a pebble, those around me feel the ripples. Every action I take and every word I speak affects others.

I have let go of the idea that I should be able to operate in a vacuum; I want a far richer life than that would provide anyway! I feel gratitude for the community I live in.

I know that building and sustaining a community where all members feel supported and valued requires a conscious effort by all members.

Therefore, I take time to think honestly about the effects of my actions on those I love.

There are times when I am affected by the decisions of others. Meanwhile as an adult, I have the choice to walk away from circumstances if I feel that someone is putting me in an unhealthy or intolerable situation.

I do have freedom, but their choices still affect me. I greatly appreciate it when others take the time to consider the effect of their choices on my life.

In return, I grant the same concern for the feelings of others that I desire from them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I consider the feelings of others when I make decisions?
2. Have I taken the time to ask those closest to me how they feel about my choices?
3. How do I show my loved ones that their feelings are as valid as my own?

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