I make positivism my defense for offensive behavior or words.

When others try to victimize me with their inconsiderate behavior, I am able to overcome their attempt with a light-hearted, positive spirit. A smile, joke, or compliment can easily disarm any negative force.

Positivism is the bulletproof vest that shields me from offensive behaviors.

In the morning, before I face the day, I make a decision to arm myself with optimism. I lather up in positivism so that offensive words just slide off me. I choose not to be an audience for negative people.

When I don’t allow offensive words or behaviors to affect me, I enjoy peace. My mood is calm and free from stress. I am able to get along with others more peacefully when I am not hypersensitive to offensive behavior.

I have a superior understanding of others when I allow them to explain themselves.

I give others the benefit of the doubt by evaluating their motives before their actions.

With that attitude, I find that others usually have good intentions despite how they might express themselves. 

Looking at the positive is a conscious choice that I make each day. It frames my responses and my outlook in every interaction I face. 

Being positive allows me to forgive people more easily. I am free from grudges and holding on to hurts. I am able to accept others by putting away unpleasant memories from the past.

My positivism is contagious, enabling others to feel free to be positive around me as well.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are the things that I lend an ear to?
  2. How can I use positivism to turn a sour situation around?
  3. What is something positive in my life I can focus on when I’m feeling attacked?

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