My inner peace overcomes anger.

My inner peace is more powerful than any force of anger. When I am at peace, I can think clearly.

I am able to identify the triggers that cause anger before they strike and prepare myself to react calmly.

Anger preys on selfishness; therefore, I rid myself of all egocentricity to reduce my vulnerability to it. Humility is the filter that catches small injustices and allows me to overlook that which is not worth losing my peace.

When anger tries to creep up on me, I reject it by diverting my thoughts to other things. Instead of dwelling on anger, I choose to think thoughts that ease the tension and help me to relax.

My body is free from the physical effects of anger.

I deliberately relax my muscles by singing a happy melody or breathing deeply to break up the tension.

My inner peace takes over my body, preventing it from getting rattled with rage.

Being at peace with myself causes me to see the world through the lens of self-acceptance. I am free from the bond of internalizing others’ negative behaviors.

During times of trials, the peace that lives inside me stirs up forgiveness and laughter, shutting out anger.

Today, I choose to remove myself from situations that elicit anger until I can calm down and cope rationally with the issues at hand. I remain peaceful by keeping the big picture in mind.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do to calm myself down when I feel my anger triggers coming on?
  2. How can a humble attitude keep me from getting angry?
  3. Why are laughter and forgiveness important to living a life of peace?

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