Enduring success for every working mom is possible.  And Every working Mom is more than “just” a working Mom.  Most of the time we are employees, moms, daughters, wives, and a number of other roles.  The problem with having a number of roles and a number of responsibilities is we get lost in the performance of the duties in those roles and forget that we are real live women that have the role “self” as well.  We also forget to define for ourselves how we want to show up in those roles.  Instead, we just keep doing, keep existing, and stop thriving somewhere along the way.

The #pressplay lifestyle is a series phases with tools that can be used to design your best self – even when you feel like your worst self.  This is a quick summary of each of the six stages. Future blog posts will dig deeper into each of the stages and provide practical tools you can use to keep growing no matter what.


The first stage of “the lifestyle” is to really discover who you are in each of the roles you perform.  We focus a lot on role of “self” in this stage – how you show up in all the roles of your life are rooted in the foundation of who you are.

Then we talk about difficult questions like how are you showing up in your life?  How do you want to show up? Perhaps how do you make time to show up the way you intend?  Knowing what you really want and why is the key to getting it. You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what it is.

Throughout the lifestyle we learn tools, the foundation toolbox being the A6 Toolbox.  These tools allow to get unstuck in each stage along the way as we up level our lives.

The first too, “Ask”, helps us remember to ask the questions we need to ask to find out the answers we need to find out.  The A6 tools that can be applied to each stage include:  ask, acquire, accept, appreciate, allow, and admire. Additional tools like the D6 Toolbox and many others will be introduced as the lifestyle unfolds.

The #pressplay blueprint is an exercise we can start with that helps us set the course for the discover stage as well as the other stages as we move forward.  We will develop and use tools like the #pressplay blueprint for enduring success that will set us up for success in the next steps along our journey.


Once we know who we are being, we can design who we want to become and what enduring success looks like.  We can (A)cquire new skills and coping strategies to help us design who we become instead of letting circumstances dictate who we are. This stage builds upon what we discovered earlier and helps us design a plan that we can begin executing in later stages.

Develop Enduring Success

During the development stage, we take our discoveries and our design plans, and we make them real.  If we want to develop the role of leader, then we put into place the designs we created for that role in the first two phases.  We learn to (A)ccept our roles, our strengths and weaknesses and develop skills to complement or neutralize them in our quest to be our best selves.

Dry Run

Discovery, design, and development are all fun.  However, we don’t always get things perfect right out of the gate.  We will look at testing out our new enduring success and seeing if we like how it fits.  Then we acknolwedge we are making ‘right now’ decisions, not forever ones.  We can learn to (A)ppreciate what we learned, who has helped us, and what may not work as we move to the next stage of the process.

Distribute Enduring Success 

You designed it, built it, tested it out – now it’s time to distribute your enduring success to the world.  If you are a mentor, now is the time to put yourself out there.  Think of it as marketing yourself, distributing your personal brand.  You learn to (A)llow insights at this stage of the process. You also learn to (A)llow yourself to be.  Allowing yourself to be, that is really the hardest part.


The last stage is to learn to Depend on yourself and others.  You took the time to design and develop your best self.  Now, you need to depend on yourself, trust yourself, and be yourself.  You might now be depended on by others in this role you elected.  Importantly, you learn to (A)dmire and be admired in this phase. It is also in the phase that you realize you are always a work in progress.  Now you might begin the #pressplay lifestyle again – but instead thinking of another role you want to excel at.

Are you ready to live a #pressplay lifestyle?

After that, are you looking for more details on the #pressplay lifestyle?  Here are a few more posts to consider:

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