Every working Parent is more than “just” a working parent – just not by design.  Most of the time we are employees, moms, daughters, wives, husbands, sons, and a number of other roles.  The problem with having a number of roles and a number of responsibilities is we get lost in the performance of the duties in those roles and forget that we are real live humans beings that have the role “self” as well.  We also forget to define for ourselves how we want to show up in those roles.  Instead, we just keep doing, keep existing, and stop thriving somewhere along the way. The #pressplay lifestyle is a series phases with tools that can be used to design your best self – even when you feel like your worst self.  You can find a summary of here.  The first step of the lifestyle is Discover, you can learn more about discovery here.


In the Discovery phase we asked questions like how are we showing up in our life and how do we want to show up.  The Discovery phase is all about knowing who we are being.  Knowing what we want and why we want it is required before we can really dig in and start design. Once we know who we are being, we can design who we want to become.  We can Acquire new skills and coping strategies to help us design who we become instead of letting circumstances dictate who we are. This stage builds upon what we discovered earlier and helps us design a plan that we can begin executing in later stages.

Acquire Skills

If we look at who were are being and then who we want to become we have to have some foundation information to serve as requirements for the design phase.  What is the future version of you and what skill, resources, tools, or support do you need to acquire the skills to be your best self? In the workshops we will create a blueprint in the discovery process to determine our vision for our future self, our purpose, and what values are key component of the person we are becoming.  These are all like ingredients for Self Soup.  If I define my mission as helping providing resources for working parents to be their best self, then I would put the ingredients that allow me to provide resources into the Self Soup, but I would leave out resources for teenagers. The vision and mission are not intended to limit your future self. Visions and missions are intended to help you filter out the noise and focus on what really matters to you.  If you think working parents is too small of a focus, change it.  This is your design. Once you find out what you want to become and you are clear on your vision, mission, values as well as the other items on the #press play lifestyle blueprint for success, then you want to identify skills, ingredients, needed to achieve that next version of Self-Soup.


Play around in this phase.  Consider thinking of yourself like a freshman attending the Self-Soup High School.  Perhaps you will want to find you way around.  As a result, get acclimated with your peers.  Start dating some ideas and theories.  Spend some time learning if you do like this new Self-Soup.  Spending some time identifying a solid set of requirements will make the next phase more fun, and take a less time. The best place to find out if you want to get married is before you do it.  Try out a few roles.  Try on some new skins and eat some new foods.  This is the time to have fun and learn. Consequently at the end of this phase will be a completed blueprint that gives you the building blocks for the development plan in the next phase.  Have fun dating. After that, are you looking for more details on the #pressplay lifestyle?  Here are a few more posts to consider:
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