PressPlay LifeStyle – Develop

Biggest Challenge with Personal and Professional Development

One of the biggest challenges with doing any type of personal or professional development, at least in my estimation, is that there is this balance that needs to occur between the user of the materials wanting the exact step by step process to get the results they want and the user knowing they are a unique individual that wants to develop and there doesn’t seem to be any way that one person’s approach or plan can work for everyone. If you try to follow someone’s step by step process, often you are doing the steps, but not necessarily doing the work.  You need to think about why you are doing the steps.  You need to think about what those steps, the inputs, and the outputs really mean to you, in your unique life.

Make it Real – Develop

That is what the Develop phase of the PressPlay Lifestyle is really about, taking what you need and leaving the rest.  Taking the discoveries you have already uncovered about yourself and the designs you put together for how you want to show up, and then doing the work. During the development stage we take our discoveries and our designs and we make them real. If we want to develop the role of leader, then we put into place the designs we created for that role in the first two phases. We learn to accept our roles, our strengths and weaknesses and develop skills to complement or neutralize them in our quest to be our best selves.

Make it Intentional

The best part of the PressPlay Lifestyle is that we are able to use the frameworks put together in the early stages and have the step by step part that we all want, but we are also able to create it intentionally to to be what we want our role to look like. While earlier we said we need to accept our roles, that is true.  However, we only need to accept that we have the role, not that how the role is getting performed.  We can create the role intentionally vs just existing within it.

What’s Next After Develop

The next post will add on to the Development Phase just a bit.  Then we move on to Dry Run.  See you there. After that, are you looking for more details on the #pressplay lifestyle?  Here are a few more posts to consider:
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