Jackie's Favorites

This is partially for all of you, but it is really so that I have a nice quick reference for grabbing my favorite supplies without having to search for them all over Amazon.  You will only see a few products to start, but I hope to grow it as the need arises.

All Time Favorite Notebook!

Ask anyone, I am completely obsessed with this notebook.  The darn thing goes out of stock once in awhile and I get a bit anxious.  I also just hate getting the lined one instead of the graph paper version.  Hey, looking to get on my good side?  You can always send me one for Christmas.  (Kidding, maybe)

Visual Planner Needs Visual Tools

I love these note cards and these sticky notes.  I like to plan out course creation visually.  The sticky notes are great for storyboarding and the note cards are great for carrying alone a compact version of the bigger visual at the office!

And well, if you stick me with white paper – well then color pencils it is!


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