The PressPlay Lifestyle is a series phases with tools that can be used to design your best self – even when you feel like your worst self and this post is about how you develop your action plan.  You can find a summary of here.  The first step of the lifestyle is Discover, you can learn more about discovery here.  The second step is Design, you can learn more about design here.

Develop Your Action Plan

In the development step we get to create our action plan.  This is usually the step that everyone starts with.  You create a list of goals and then you create a plan to achieve those goals.  The biggest obstacle with achieving those goals is often that you don’t always really want to achieve them or that you don’t have a real reason “why” you want to achieve them. Having a solid “why” will help you stay committed when the “how” of getting what you want becomes laborious and boring.  Also note that it isn’t an action plan for just meeting some objective like losing weight or being nicer to your children; you will develop your action plan for your new life.  Develop the action plan for becoming who you want to become.  Consider using a tool like Darren Hardy’s Best Year Ever – I used it for a few years and it has helped me achieve dreams bigger than I could imagine when I began this journey.  While we are working on our best self plan, many of the core concepts transition well.

The Acceptance Skill

One of the hard parts about becoming someone else is that you have to accept there are things about yourself that you want to change.  When you are working hard to make change, often you have to look in the mirror and see things about yourself that you might consider shortcomings.  A big part of being able to develop into someone new is accepting who you are and how you became who you are. In the workshop we dive deep into identifying who we want to become, accepting who we are and how we got here, and then we can create a custom action plan for our best self.  If you are unable to book a workshop, again consider Darren Hardy’s Living Your Best Year Ever – while it is not exactly how we would do it in the workshop – he has been in the personal development space a very long time and I trusted him with my development plan until I created my own methodology.

Start Doing the Work

You have spent time in discovery and design and now you have a development plan of action.  The only thing to do now is get your butt off the couch and start doing something.  In the next phase we will take our new selves out for a spin in the Dry Run phase.  This helps us tweak our development plan as we learn our capabilities.  Looking forward to seeing you next week when we chat about the Dry Run phase. After that, if you are you looking for more details on the #pressplay lifestyle?  Here are a few more posts to consider:
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