The Skill of Acquiring

The skill of acquiring information is a key tool you will want to hon during your PressPlay Lifestyle journey.  As we move along the stages of the PressPlay Lifestyle, we like to add new tools that are the most helpful for the stage we are exploring.  In the first stage, Discover, we are learning how to ask great questions to help us on our journey.  Now, in the Design stage, we add another skill to our tool box: Acquire.

Acquiring Information

When you are trying to design how you want to show up in the role of wife, mom, or maybe entrepreneur you might not have done the role before.  Or, perhaps you are in the role now, but the entire point of getting on board with the PressPlay Lifestyle was you wanted to uplevel how you were showing up in that role.  If you need new inputs to help you design the next you, you will need to start to acquire the answers to the questions that will begin to develop as you begin your evolution.

Where To Acquire Information

This may seem like a silly thing to ask, where do you find information.  However, I would challenge that thinking.  There are a number of standard places to look for information, the internet or a great self-help book, a podcast, or a favorite YouTube channel.  Those things you don’t need help with or to be reminded of.  The best place for finding answers is somewhere we often forget to look. It is a philosophy of the PressPlay Lifestyle that we have all the answers we need inside ourselves.  Often the issue is that we don’t think to look within or it is difficult to ask ourselves questions and then answer ourselves.  Well, even if it isn’t difficult to ask and answer ourselves, we do tend to get funny looks.  So, how do we get to our own innate wisdom?

Skill of Acquiring Our Innate Wisdom

The easiest way to really tap into your innate wisdom is to connect with a skilled coach that can help you along the journey.  However, two other options have worked well for others within the Lifestyle.  First, you can ask yourself the six essential questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how in terms of the desired state you want.  For example, who is affected by the desired state of being a great Mom.  Now, instead of just answering, change the writing instrument you are using to be another color.  You can even call yourself by a nickname in one color and by your full name in the other color.  This switching back and forth can help you with a state change between each of your questions.  Then, ask why three to five times.  You will be surprised what you uncover. Another option is to start with just identifying what the role and the mission, vision, and values of that role would be.  Create a ‘life plan’ or ‘business plan’ for the new role.  This can help you be a little more unbiased and unattached to the outcome when you are first just trying to design the ideal.  This isn’t intended to find what you are not doing or to go into a place of judgement.  It is just an exercise in acquiring your innate wisdom.

What’s Next After The Skill of Acquiring

In our next post we will chat about the next skill to put in your toolbox: Accept.  In the meantime, explore your innate wisdom. After that, if you are you looking for more details on the #pressplay lifestyle?  Here are a few more posts to consider:
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