Journaling is a practice you can use in more areas of your life than you may realize. It can improve your personal development in a number of aspects. You can even put a journal to work to help you keep track of your hobbies and to stay motivated to work on them. One way many people do this is to create a reading journal. This type of journal lets you keep track of several things regarding the books you want to read or are reading. It can help you to sustain your reading pursuits rather than letting them go by the wayside. Take a look at what book journaling is and how it can help you to read more.

About Book Journaling

A reading or book journal is a place to record all sorts of information about the books you read and your reading habit. You can write down the books you’ve read and the ones you hope to read. This gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to be able to see your progress. It also keeps you on track and moving forward to meeting your reading goals. You can also record your thoughts about the books you’re reading, along with questions or further research you’d like to do. You can use your book journal to record your opinions about certain books, as well. That way, you just have to flip through your journal in order to give accurate recommendations for further reading to your friends. It’s a great place to keep track of all things books.

How to Start a Book Journal

First, it’s important to remember that this journal is yours and yours alone unless you decide to share it with someone. It doesn’t have to be perfect. There’s no right or wrong way to start your book journal. What matters most is that you get started. You can keep your journal in any format you want. Many people prefer pen and paper so they can take notes easily as they go along in their reading. An app on your phone or a computer doc would work just fine, too. It can be simple or fancy. Some folks like the bullet journal format in which they can customize with stickers, inserts, or drawings. Others might want to go with a plain college-ruled notebook. Choose a format that fits your personality and lifestyle.

What to Put in Your Book Journal

Deciding what to add to your book journal doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start simple. Include a few lists such as books you own and want to read, books you want to borrow or purchase, and friends you might want to borrow books from or ask for recommendations. Add a section that delves deeper into your reading goals. You can include types of literature you’d like to read more of or specific authors that interest you. You can also set a number of books you hope to consume in a year’s time. Keep a log of the books you’ve read as you finish them. Keep up with various reading challenges you come across online to motivate you in a fun way.

Simply put, a reading or book journal can be anything you want it to be. The point is to create a journal that encourages you to read regularly and to keep track of your thoughts about your reading. Give this practice a try if you’ve been hoping to add more reading to your life.

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Jackie Schwabe Mark

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