Try Daily Collage Pages to Tap into Your Creative Side

Thus far in our series, we’ve talked about different ways to write in your journal. Writing is a powerful exercise. There are countless ways to use it to gain insight and self-awareness. However, writing isn’t the only approach you can use when it comes to journaling. If you’re the artistic type, you may be interested in giving different art mediums a try. One of the most popular artistic approaches to journaling is collage. Let’s take a look at this type of journal to discover why you may want to try daily collage pages to tap into your creative side while learning more about yourself.

About Collage Pages

Collage pages are simple to make. Most of us have done a collage in art class at one point in our lives. Perhaps you’ve even made vision boards in which you glue images, words, and various types of ephemera on a poster board to represent the things you hope for your life in the future. This is the same concept, except that you put the images in a journal. You can keep a journal that is exclusively meant for collaging or you can simply dedicate a couple pages here and there to creating a collage when the mood strikes.

Types of Journals to Consider

If you plan to collage in your journal, there are some things you’ll need to consider. A regular notebook may not be the best option because the pages are likely too thin to stand up to the glue and paper items you’ll be attaching to the page. If you plan to use paint or ink stamps on your collage, you’ll definitely want heavier weight paper. It’s possible to use lighter pages and glue three or four together to create a sturdier canvas. If you plan to do a lot of collage journaling, you may wish to get a larger journal than the standard 8.5” x 11”. This is entirely up to your preference, though. You probably don’t want one that is too large, as this will be hard to transport. Finally, consider the binding. Spiral-bound is more flexible and easier to maneuver. Sewn binding is likely going to hold up longer.

Tips for Collage Journaling

There are really no rules when it comes to creating collage pages. However, some easy suggestions can help you to get started. First, layout your supplies. You’ll want to choose your images. These can easily be found by ripping pictures or words from magazines. You can also make copies of photographs or use old ticket stubs. Any type of paper ephemera or memorabilia. Arrange the pieces to fit the page the way you’d like them. You might decide to color or paint the background of your page. Ripping out magazine pages or construction paper and gluing them to the background also works well. Then glue your images in place. Paste or a glue stick will work for most pieces.

These are the basics of journaling with collage. Try not to overthink it. Just collect images that reflect upon your theme and let your creativity do the rest. Have fun with it!

Coach Jackie Out.

Jackie Schwabe Mark

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