Journaling Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive – Frugal Ways to Get Started

The idea of keeping a journal can be fun and exciting. Any new self-development venture such as meditation, healthy eating, working out, or pursuing higher education has the potential of improving your life in vast ways. Journaling is no different. We’ve already touched on a number of benefits this practice offers. However, there is a learning curve to new routines. You may be feeling a bit stressed about the effort, time, and even financial resources you’ll need to dedicate to your journaling habit. Never fear. Keeping a journal doesn’t have to be complicated. Nor does it need to involve expense. Read on to discover frugal ways to get started journaling. You’ll soon see that this is an incredibly accessible activity for almost anyone.

Start Immediately

Journaling is a practice you can begin immediately. You don’t have to invest much time into researching the “correct” way to journal because there’s really no right way to do it. Just the simple act of writing down your thoughts can be effective in so many ways. It also doesn’t have to cost a single penny for you to start journaling. There are a variety of ways to get started with the tools you currently have at your disposal.

Use What You Have

Do you think you’d prefer a paper or digital journal? Chances are, you can use either without investing any money. Grab a notebook you have lying around, even if it’s already got some filled pages. Your journal doesn’t have to be pristine. You can always invest in a pretty bound book later or one meant for specific purposes such as bullet journaling. For now, what matters most is just getting your thoughts out. If you like the digital route better, you can jot notes down on your smartphone or type your entries into any word processing program on your computer. In addition, some journal apps with basic services are free.

Let Go of Perfection

Sometimes people resist starting something new because they feel everything has to be a certain way. It’s easy to create an image in your mind of the perfect scenario. Just know that your journaling experience doesn’t have to be perfect. You can get started in a very minimal way with tools you already have on hand. Once you see the benefits for yourself and establish a strong journaling routine, you’ll feel better about investing money into resources such as fancy journals or pricey pens.

Keep all of this in mind when you’re ready to start journaling. This practice doesn’t have to be expensive to be worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to jump right in.

Coach Jackie Out.

Jackie Schwabe Mark

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