Use Your Journal to Overcome Fears and Make Big Decisions

One of the biggest things that hold many people back in life is fear. Fear of the unknown, of making the wrong decision, or of failure are just some of the fears that can keep us from living our best life. Being afraid is natural. It’s also something you have the power to overcome. By examining, assessing, and evaluating your fears, you can start to understand what’s behind them and create a new narrative for yourself. What better place to do that than in your journal? Take a look below to discover how you can use your journal to overcome fears and make big decisions.

Benefits of Writing About Fears

There are several benefits to writing about your fears. First, you’ll get them out of your head where they’re no longer as powerful. That’s the first step to taking action and making a plan. Doing so will lessen the fear greatly. Writing about your fears can also give you some perspective. It allows you to see the issues more realistically. When fears stay bottled up, they can become much bigger and troublesome than they are in reality. Journaling about fear gives you validation and understanding. You’ll see the underlying source of your fears and realize where the anxiety is coming from. This makes it easier to move forward despite your worries.

Overcome Your Fears

Once you lessen the power of your fears and see them for what they are, you can begin to refute them. Overcoming your fears involves rewriting the story you’ve been telling yourself in your head. When you reframe these negative messages into more positive and realistic ones, you’ll start to see that your fear can be managed. It is possible to overcome the worries and anxieties that have been holding you back.

Make Difficult Decisions

If fear is keeping you from making a big decision, journaling can help you to deal with that, too. A simple list of pros and cons can help you to sort things out and see which path you should consider. Also, write down the worst-case scenario. As you know, fear can often spiral out of control. We tend to make mountains out of molehills. Truly look at your fear and think about what might really happen if you push past it. When you write those things down, you’ll start to see they may not be as awful as you once believed them to be. You can then move forward and make the best choice for you.

As you can see, journaling has the power to help you deal with pesky fears, move past them, and make decisions that matter. Give it a try next time you’re feeling afraid and overwhelmed. You’ll feel much more positive and ready to face the world.

Coach Jackie Out.

Jackie Schwabe Mark

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