Pen & Paper or Digital? What’s Your Journaling Medium

Journaling is a very personal matter. Your journaling medium is also a personal choice.  Your journal is a place where you can keep your most private thoughts. It’s your safe space, and it’s all about you. That’s why the format you choose for your journal should also be your personal choice. People have a lot of opinions when it comes to whether it’s better to journal in digital format or with pen and paper. The choice is ultimately up to you and should fit your preferences. If you’re feeling undecided, keep reading to get an idea of the pros and cons of each.

Paper Journaling

For some people, there’s nothing like the feel and smell of a nice notebook. The process of choosing a paper journal that suits a preferred style may be an important part of the process for some. There are also some scientific benefits to writing by hand. Writing by hand with pen and paper causes you to use your brain in different ways and uses more mental energy. It slows you down in ways that are particularly useful for the reflective process of journaling. It can spark creativity and ease stress. Sitting down with a paper notebook also limits distractions that can come with a phone or computer.

Digital Journaling

Lots of folks find digital journaling to be their preferred method. Typing on an electronic device allows for easier edits if you make a mistake or decide to change your direction. It can also be more mobile, especially if you’re using a phone or tablet as your preferred device. There are various digital platforms you can use to journal, which offers additional choices. Apps can offer a variety of features that can be appealing. A simple word processing program is accessible for most and can be accessed on various devices. Some like using their phones for journaling because it’s something they always have with them. If you want to share your journal, a blog might be the perfect option for you, or you might choose to convert a Word document to a PDF form to share as a book. Digital journaling gives you lots of versatility.

Which one is the best choice? That’s completely up to you. Feel free to explore with both if you’re unsure. Chances are, one will feel right to you and will offer benefits that encourage you to keep writing. Maintaining consistency provides the most impact when it comes to journaling. That’s what’s really most important.

Coach Jackie Out.

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