Day 25 will give you five tips for dealing with critics.

Anyone who’s decided to try something new knows it’s possible to encounter negativity surrounding their pursuits. Critical reactions are part of human nature, and there are a lot of motivators that propel people to find faults in others.

Unfortunately, these kinds of actions can be hurtful and can throw you off course when you’re working toward a goal. It’s important for us to take some time to discuss these types of encounters and what you can do about them so that you’re able to move forward to success, rather than let the naysayers win. Here are five tips for dealing with critics as you chase your dreams.

Accept the Criticism

First of all, expect that someone will eventually try to put you down for what you’re doing or will choose to criticize the way you’re doing it. As I mentioned, it’s simply part of human nature. What motivates that person to throw their negativity your way isn’t of immediate importance. The first thing you need to realize is that their judgment probably isn’t personal. There could be a world of reasons behind it. None of which are likely to have anything to do with you. Some people are simply critical, and we’re better off when we accept that.

Use Their Words to Motivate You

However, that doesn’t mean that we have to accept the words as true or to believe that it’s okay for anyone to treat us badly. It’s not. So your next step is to decide to use those negative words and detractions for good. Use them to motivate you and to move you forward. Don’t let someone’s opinion sway you in another direction you determine their words to be unworthy of your attention. Go forth and conquer your resolutions, knowing you will prove them wrong.

Consider the Source

It’s wise to know that sometimes criticism can have a grain of truth, though. Some people may have valid reasons to criticize your actions or your approach. Perhaps they’re not judging you as a person or trying to tear you down. Take some time to consider who is giving you this review and whether their motivations could be based on truth and positive intent.

Find the Positive Takeaway

If you decide that someone is being critical of your desires for a good and valid reason, take time to try to figure out what you can take from that. It’s even wise to ask them why they’re giving you such advice. Truly listen to them without defensiveness to see what it is you can learn from their words. It is possible that some criticism is of the constructive kind and can be used to improve your path. Take that kind and run with it.

Ignore Them

Finally, sometimes people deal out criticism simply because they’re negative people who are either jealous, scared, resentful or angry. Those are the haters you don’t have time for. There’s really nothing you can do about them but to ignore them and move on. Your life will be better for taking that step.

I hope these tips for dealing with your critics will help you to continue toward achieving your resolutions with a positive mindset. It can be hard enough to overcome our own negative voices. Don’t let the criticism of others stand in the way of your success.

Coach Jackie Out!

Jackie Schwabe Mark






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