This post includes tips on how you can declutter your mind.

It also includes 3 actionable steps you can take right away and a list of suggested reading for those people who are looking for even more information.


Organization and decluttering are popular topics right now. Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” was not only a bestseller, but it also led to a massively popular Netflix series. She made decluttering so popular that thrift shops were reporting record-high donations.

While she focused on your environment, we want to focus on your mind. Keeping your mind decluttered is just as important as your environment. If you’re going to start the process, then consider using one or more of the tips below.

Focus on Physical Clutter First

I know I said we were going to focus on our minds, but first thing’s first. Physical clutter will negatively impact your mental clarity. Decluttering your physical world will make it much easier to work on yourself.

Write Things Down

We intake so much information daily that it’s no wonder we suffer from a cluttered mind. One way to start putting order to that information is to write important things down. You know how sometimes you suddenly remember something you have to do – that’s the kind of thing you should be writing down. 

Let Go of The Past

A mind full of past regrets or old grudges is likely cluttered. I know it is easier said than done but remember that the past is just that …the past. Try to leave it there when you can. When you free yourself from fretting about the past, you naturally invite more clarity into your present.

Avoid Multitasking

The ability to multitask is often considered to be a strength. The funny thing is, too much multitasking often leads to a lack of focus on any one thing in particular. It is also horrible for your cluttered mind. How can you focus with any clarity when you are doing five things at once?

Make Confident Decisions

I would never suggest that you make any snap decision. That said, you do need to be confident in your decision-making skills. If you are the type of person who shies away from making decisions, eventually you will find your mind becoming cluttered with all of these unresolved issues in your head.

Talk It Out

Do you have something on your mind that is taking up a lot of your energy or focus? Talk it out. If it’s an issue with someone else, maybe delicately broach the subject. If you are having trouble making a decision, perhaps you go out for coffee and a chat with a confidant.

Walk It Out

Another great way to clear your mind is to take a walk. Ideally, you can find somewhere with a bit of quiet. It doesn’t have to be a long walk either, even a stroll on your lunch break can help. A calm, peaceful walk is a great way to let those cluttered thoughts drift away.

Control Your Social Media Intake

We live in a digital age. We are inundated with updates from loved ones, old school friends, and passing acquaintances via social media. It can be a LOT to take in. Try limiting your social media activity. You don’t even have to quit cold turkey, just check it less often. You will find your mind is less likely to be filled with pointless thoughts about other people’s lives.

Get Better Sleep

I think by now we all know the many benefits of sleep, but did you know how vital it is to your mental capacity? According to research, a lack of sleep deprives your brain cells of their ability to connect. This lack of cellular communication can cause confusion and mental lapses – two hallmarks of an over-cluttered mind.

Declutter Your Mind


  1. The first step is simple – tidy your workspace. Ideally, you will try to rid your entire environment of clutter but starting in the area you spend your most productive hours is the best use of your time right now.
  2. Start taking notes. The simple act of setting up a note-taking system (or even a journal) makes you much more likely to get into the habit. It doesn’t matter if you use a physical notebook or find an app like Evernote – start a blank “Mental notes” page. Update this regularly with things you need to remember.
  3. In that same notebook, brainstorm a list of things from your past that you still think about/ Focus on the negative, things like grudges, regrets or embarrassment. Once you have the list, it will be easier to make a concerted effort to stop thinking about these things.


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