Do Embrace Your Sameness?
Today I’m Going to challenge you to embrace your sameness …

I was on a call with my Success with Balance mastermind group today and we were talking about Imposter Syndrome.

  • We all feel alone
  • We all fee not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, experienced enough
  • We were all scared to say I love you
  • We all felt awkward
  • We have all felt small in a room full of people.

Yes, we are all perfect snowflakes – unique and amazing.  Yet, we are all humans too.  So, when you are feeling like an imposter – maybe consider so is the person sitting next to you.

Focus on that one person, and how to make them feel like a human.  You will likely be reminded that you are a human too.

How can you embrace your sameness?

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This is Jackie Schwabe Reminding you to  Embrace your Pause, Play the game you want to win, and Prosper with a Life by Design, Not by Default.


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