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Have you ever reached a point in your life, where you are wondering, “What next?” I think it is safe to say we have all gotten to that point somewhere along the way. Whether we are dissatisfied, unfulfilled – or worse – downtrodden, we all get to a point where we consider making some significant changes. How do you know when it is time to pivot, though?  If you find yourself relating to a number of the signs below, then it might be time for a change of course in your life.

You Hate Waking Up

I know, I know – a lot of people hate waking up, but I don’t just mean a simple “case of the Mondays.” If you genuinely feel like there is no reason to get out of bed, and you are begrudgingly doing it out of some sense of duty, then you might be ready for a pivot. You don’t have to wake up ready to take on the world every single morning, but you can’t dread getting out of bed.

You Are Extra Irritable

Listen, we all get super annoyed at the office guy who chews too loudly. Don’t worry if you find yourself irritated by irritating things. Being irritated only becomes a problem, when any little thing will set you off. Do you spend your days in a grumpy mood? Do you find the smallest indiscretions set you off? Do you regularly snap at colleagues and loved ones? If so, this could be a sign you need to change something in your life.

You Are Living Through Upheaval

If you are going through significant upheaval in your life, it might be time to adjust your sails. Upheaval can happen in any number of areas. Maybe you are dealing with substantial financial issues; perhaps you are going through a breakup. Whatever the turmoil is, it is often a good sign that things need to change.

You Are at Your Breaking Point

This is going to be all too familiar for some people. Have you ever gotten to a point where you want to give up? You feel like you can’t keep moving forward. You are sick of your job, friends, even your overall life. If you ever get to the point where all you want to do is give up and quit, it’s likely time to change some things in your life.

You Don’t Even Know What Excites You Anymore

Do you know what your passion or purpose is? Do you have a good idea of what you love to do? What really gets you going in the morning? If you don’t have answers to these types of questions, then it might be time to make a broad sweeping change in your life. Sometimes we get so caught up in the tedious minutiae of life, that we forget what makes us tick.

You Never Feel Challenged

Challenges are the part of life that teach us what we are made of. They are how we know we are making progress. If you never feel challenged, are you even progressing? When you live a challenge-free life, you will often get bored and more easily sidetracked. If you find that your current life doesn’t challenge you, it is time to make some serious changes.

You Are Ignoring Your Own Needs

Are you taking care of yourself? When you find that simple things like hygiene, sleep, diet and exercise are suffering; then there is likely an underlying cause. Being dissatisfied with certain aspects of your life is often that cause. If you can’t even be bothered to take care of your basic needs, then you need to consider making significant changes in your life.

You Have Compulsive Tendencies

Quite often, compulsive tendencies – like binge drinking, gambling, excessive risk-taking – come from a place of dissatisfaction. If you find that your compulsive tendencies are starting to affect your life or relationships negatively, then you need to change things up. Something in your current life isn’t working, and only change will help you figure out what it is.

You Aren’t Living in the Present

How do you spend your day? Do you spend it mindful of life around you? Alternatively, do you find that you continuously day-dream about the future or reminisce over the past? If you find that your mind is stuck more in the future and past, than in your day-to-day life then maybe you need to make some changes. An exciting change in life might be just what you need to start living in the present.

Time for Change


  1. Go through the list above and make a checkmark beside any of the points you feel relate to you. If you check more than a couple, it might be time for a change.
  2. Examine your day to day routine, where is most of your dissatisfaction coming from? It might not be easy but try to figure out what areas of your life need change.
  3. Take the first step towards change – write your intentions down. Write down what you are changing, why you need to change it, and an action plan that plots your path forward.


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