Do you consistently blame others for your crappy life? 

Let Go of Blame Game for an Empowered Life

At times, we all go through challenging experiences in life.  Some of these times it seems easier to blame others than confront your own choices. Often you may find it easier to see where others were wrong than to find your own fault in the situation.

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Blaming others for the way your life is going is a common reaction to life’s curve balls. After all, when you point the finger at others, you initially feel a bit better by the idea that you aren’t the one that made the mistake.

But eventually …

Eventually you’re are left with just yourself, and blaming others is one of the easiest ways that we take away our own sense of power. You can’t change other peoples’ actions – but you can change your response to their actions.  The best way to begin taking your power back is to stop blaming others and resolve the situation within yourself.

Top Ideas to Stop Blaming Others 

  1. Take complete responsibility for your own actions. Whether you’re married, single, have kids or are childless, acknowledge that only you decide how your life is going to unfold.  It’s all about you boo!

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  • Although it may once have been someone else’s fault (your mother, father, boss, or partner), now that you know what your issues are, it’s your responsibility to fix them. Your life is the way it is because of you. Take ownership.

[Tweet “Your life is the way it is because of you. Take ownership.”]

  • From here on, consider it a cop-out when you blame someone else for the choices you make.
  • Admittedly, there is bad news and good news with letting go of the blame game crutch. After all, if you want your life to change and you believe you’re responsible for it, this means that you hold all the power you need to make your life just the way you want. This also means you have no one else to blame but yourself.

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  1. Learn from the past. Consider a couple of times when you blamed another person for your choices. How did those situations turn out in the long run? Did you lose a friend? Is a family member estranged from you? Rarely does anything positive come from blaming another person for your own situation.
  2. Say you’re sorry. If you tell another person that something that happened in your life is their fault, apologize for the comments as soon as you’re aware that you made them. This step is important because one of the major ways to stop blaming others is to acknowledge and say you’re sorry when you point the finger at them.

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  1. Think before you blame. If you catch yourself blaming someone else for a situation in your life, think about that situation thoroughly before saying anything. Ask yourself what really happened. Who did what? What was your part in this? How did you react? What were your options? How could you respond in the future to change the outcome?
  • Give yourself plenty of time to process a situation. This way, you won’t be compelled to say something rash out of frustration.
  1. Seek professional support. There’s no shame in asking for help if you can’t seem to shake the blame game. If you find yourself caught in a vicious, unproductive cycle of pointing the finger at others for your own life situation, consider getting a coach or other support professional to help you find your way out.

[Tweet “When you leave the blame game behind, your life becomes totally your own.”]

When you leave the blame game behind, your life becomes totally your own. All the power you need is in your own hands. The sky’s the limit when you stop blaming others and empower yourself to take your life back!

If you are struggling with letting go of blame, find a coach or accountability partner if you need support.

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