It’s winter here in the Midwest.  Although today is very nice compared to a typical November day in Wisconsin, the weather can change quickly here.  I was born in Wisconsin, so I know that winter can be a challenge to get through sometimes.  The cold weather, not to mention COVID, can keep us all stuck indoors and it can really cause some havoc on our bodies.  Not to mention that me, as well as others, can have a drastic decrease in mood during the gray days of winter.  The good news for you is that this isn’t my first rodeo.  So, before the first blizzard hits this year, let’s make sure we are both prepared with some simple items that might help us until the groundhog decides to show us his shadow. 

Winter Gear

Having the right winter gear is a necessity in Packer territory, that is for sure.  We already had a lack of gear scare this year when school started and there was a day below 30 degrees.  My youngest son ended up wearing his father’s old gloves because he lost his already. 

So, just like in summer when you get yourself some nice flip flops or sandals and a new swimsuit, in winter we need a few things as well.  You might need a comfy new crocheted scarf, mittens, or a new hat to keep you warm and cozy.  Or maybe you are more of a hooded sweatshirt and jeans kind of person.  Either way, our fingers and toes seem to get the coldest the fastest because our body naturally keeps our core, where all our organs are, warm first.  So, put some winter gear on your list for the next time you are our and about to keep extra toasty this winter.  Oh, and don’t forget a nice warm winter throw if you into that type of thing.

Skincare Relief

It’s not even that far into the winter months yet and my lips are so dry they are cracking and bleeding.  I know, over share.  However, it made me think of our dry, cold winter months can be and how devastating the effects can be on our skin. 

Consider getting some lip balm and some moisturizers to keep your skin nurtured, soft, and not chapped all winter.  Trust me, chapped lips are not fun!  One of the most sensitive areas are our lips, where chapping can happen with the slightest exposure to winter winds.  Opt-in for oil-based lip products rather than water-based to create a bit of protective barrier on your skin to help it retain moisture.  I will be taking this advice for myself to ensure that I can prevent further cracking, chapping, or itchy skin. 

Vitamin D Supplements

While our body does produce vitamin D naturally, it only does so when it is exposed to regular sunshine.  That isn’t always in great supply over the Midwest winter months.  Vitamin D is related to health bone maintenance, absorption of calcium, maintained balance, and improved memory.  During the winter months, when the days are shorter, a little bit colder, and you’re inside more often, you might want to take a supplement to make up for the lack of Mr. Sun.  Look for the clear D3 supplements, many are shown to have a greater effect than the D2 white and opaque ones. 

Indoor Body Movement Plans

You got to shake it – even in the winter.  Regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, so it is important to remain active in the winter months.  For those of you that work out regularly outside, this might be more difficult when the eventual blizzard hits.  So, consider now how you will exercise at home during the colder months. 

Yoga programs are often done at home via DVD or streaming services and can help with physical, emotional, and mental health.  You can also try high-intensity interval training with body weight exercises.  Invest in your self-care this winter and maybe get a new streaming service to help you stay on your workout path.

Winter Go Bag

Winter can be hard for those of us in certain parts of the country or even just those of us that are stuck in the house for other reasons.  Yet, winter isn’t new for us. So, with a little bit of preparation this year … maybe we can get our winter accessories, skin care, supplements, and workout gear ready to go so we don’t just survive this winter but enjoy it a bit.  If you put together your own winter self-care kit that addresses your own needs, you should be able to make it through the winter a little bit better this year. 

Tell us, what’s in your winter go bag? 

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