Years before I the kids, I had that friend.  You know that friend.  The one that you go everywhere with.  The one that you call for no reason.  The one that everyone tells you is bad for you, but you don’t listen.  Wait … what?

Yeah, that friend.  I am not even sure how I met her.  But since she didn’t have a job and I worked from home … it was nice to have a friend that I could call just about anytime I wanted.  Interestingly, my husband and I even purchased a house across the street from her.

And little by little things got weird.  Then they got weirder.  The next thing I know I am trying to explain to my volleyball buddies that I did NOT sleep with their significant others and to prove it I had to involve my husband to show I had nothing to hide.

Yeah, there is way more to this story.  Suffice it to say … we are no longer friends.  Which was a little awkward with her living across the street.  Unfortunately, for her, she passed away a few years ago … so I won’t talk ill of the departed.

I tell this … partial … story to reiterate today’s point.  There is no reason to spend time with toxic people.  Of course, you have the random family member that you can’t really avoid 100% … but many of us also have … “that friend.”  Trust me when I tell you that he or she are just part of your own way of holding you back from accomplishing your goals.

I know it’s hard.  But … walk away friend.  Walk away.  

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