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Personal Note to You

I was the Mom everyone thought had it all together. I was the Director of Innovation at a cutting edge medical software company. I had three children and was expecting my fourth. There was no reason to think I didn’t have the world by the shorts.


Right about the time I thought I had it all figured out, a few curveballs changed my life. My two-year-old was given an autism diagnosis. Around the same time, my mother nearly died, my dad and step-dad had heart attacks, I lost my job, both of my dogs died, my kids all switched schools, and I was about to give birth to my fourth child.


In the delivery room, before losing my job, I sent text messages to the office to keep things moving, and texted to set up therapy appointments for my two-year-old. Suddenly, the insanity of texting during labor made me realize my priorities might be a bit out of whack.


Well, enough was enough. I was going to have these roles and this life no matter what. I wanted to have a career and be a parent. I was now a parent of a special needs child, but I wasn’t going to allow myself to make her a scapegoat. I chose my life. I decided to take my life back. I decided to press play and start moving forward again.

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