Assertiveness Skills Primer – What Does It Mean To Be Assertive?

2 years ago

The word, “assertive” is defined in many different ways: “bold,” “definite,” “insistent,” “positive,” “certain,” and “confident.” Being assertive means you have the skills to ask for or clearly state what you want or need. Take a look at the following scenario, question and responses.

When Coaching Isn’t Enough?

2 years ago

When Coaching Isn’t Enough? – How Does Therapy Help?

What if you have a coach and you just are not seeing progress, what if coaching isn’t enough?  Or what if you have a coach and they are trying to help you move forward with your goals, but you keep reverting to unresolved feeling or trauma from the past.  What then?

My life is well balanced

2 years ago

My life is well balanced. I enjoy a life marked by order and balance, while still cultivating a diverse set of interests.… Read More