Why Do We Make Resolutions

2 months ago

Welcome to the 30-Day Goals and Resolutions Challenge! For this challenge, I want to help you learn more about making resolutions and… Read More

Personal Growth Strategies

2 months ago

Personal growth strategies, upgrade your life. Does it feel like your life is just slipping by? There is still time to create a meaningful life.

Virtues of Living Simply

2 months ago

KISS – keep it simple sweetie. This was what one of my first writing professors wrote on my critique of Mark Twain’s… Read More

Podcast – PressPlay Lifestyle Inspired

2 months ago

Welcome to Jackie Schwabe’s PressPlay Lifestyle Podcast. We provide inspiring content and interview inspiring people that can help us support others who feel buried by stress and feel like they can’t take a breath. We help them slow down, breathe deeply, and identify small steps so they can experience more joy, resilience, and ease.

Practical Mind Mastery

2 months ago

Mastering your mindset through meditation, habit formation, positive thinking, and alternative ways to view the world might just be what you need… Read More

Fast and Furious Ways to Get Unstuck

3 months ago

We all get stuck in a rut from time to time, do you want to get unstuck? You know what a rut is … right? A rut is when every day seems the same? A rut is when day after day it feels like one big boring pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive and seems impossible to change.