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Practical Mind Mastery

2 months ago

Mastering your mindset through meditation, habit formation, positive thinking, and alternative ways to view the world might just be what you need… Read More

The Skill of Asking

9 months ago

The Skill of Asking The most important tool that I have learned is the skill of asking.  Yet, one cannot just talk… Read More

Obsessed with Office Supplies

10 months ago

This is partially for all of you, but it is really so that I have a nice quick reference for grabbing my favorite supplies without having to search for them all over Amazon.  You will only see a few products to start, but I hope to grow it as the need arises.

Ditch the Pain and Move Forward

1 year ago

Have you ever been hurt so badly that you thought you’d never feel better ever again and all you wanted to do was ditch the pain?

Are you still holding onto that grief?  It seems like nothing but pain and grief has come into our family over the last few years. 

How To Bounce Back From Tragic Situations

1 year ago

How To Bounce Back From Tragic Situations Unfortunately, tragedy touches us all at some point in our lives. In the moment, it may feel like nothing can help