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Daily Dose of Optimism Journal is over 100 pages of journal pages and a simple way to change your life one small optimistic action at a time. If you can change your habits, you can change your life. While it might seem like an oversimplified definition, habits are action or thoughts that you have performed over and over so many times that you don’t even to think about how to do it anymore. If you want to make change in your life that has any opportunity at all to be sustained, it must become a habit. This journal isn’t about how to create a habit or the neuroscience behind habit formation, that would be best done with a long-form non-fiction book. However, the intent of this journal is to encourage those of you that want to add more optimism into your daily lives to cultivate optimism each day. If you work daily to make change, you will soon find that optimism is a habit that you no longer have to think about, but that you just do. The introduction of the journal offers six ways to cultivate optimism every day. You don’t need to do them all. Habits are usually best formed when you select one small micro change you want to make, and you focus on that until you reach mastery. Mastery being no long needing to remind yourself to do the thing. Of course, since one of the options is to keep a journal, and this is a journal, that might be the best place to start.

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