Day 19 is about getting back on the horse if you fall off the wagon.

When you are working toward fulfilling a resolution or achieving a goal, backsliding is usually inevitable. Many of us, me included, can tend to get pretty down on ourselves when we get off track. We see it as a failure, and sometimes such pessimistic thinking can lead us to quit entirely. In order to prevent giving up on your goals, it is important to keep moving forward so that you do not lose momentum. Let’s talk about some ways to get back on that horse when you fall off the wagon.

Avoid Self-Criticism

We tell ourselves all kinds of negative messages when we fall behind on our self-imposed deadlines or challenges. While it is natural to do so, it is also one of the biggest killers of dreams. Avoid harsh self-talk containing such messages as, “I’ve messed up again,” or, “I’ll never be able to do this.” These kinds of phrases become self-fulfilling prophecies. What you tell yourself has an amazing ability to come true. So it is okay to be strict and to hold yourself accountable. Just be careful to use affirming messages instead. Remind yourself that this change is important and that you will start again this very moment.

Be Careful of the Company You Keep

The people we surround ourselves with influence your moods and your attitude more than you may realize. Stay away from those folks who suck the life out of you with their complaining or who do not support your dreams. They may not even know it, but there is a good chance they are trying to steal your joy because they don’t believe in themselves. Instead, stick with those who are positive and uplifting. Their happiness and zest for life may rub off on you.

Remember Your Why

We’ve spoken in this series about your why. It’s your reason for choosing a certain resolution and the goals that will support that resolution. Take time to reconnect with the motivating factors behind why you set out on this journey in the first place. Perhaps journaling about those motivators will help to reinforce them or maybe talking to a friend. Sometimes a simple visualization exercise of what your life can be like when you have accomplished your goals is enough to push you past any resistance or struggle.

Look for Inspiration

One final tip I have is to seek out inspirational stories or examples that can help to bring your mojo back. Go online and check the search engines for people who have overcome obstacles. These could be accounts of those seeking the same sort of changes you aspire to or it might just be a success story that resonates with you. Learning how others have overcome obstacles is a great way to invigorate your soul and to get back on track with your goals.

I hope these suggestions come in handy if you find yourself falling off the wagon. It’s not easy to get back on that horse, but it is almost always worth it.

Coach Jackie Out!

Jackie Schwabe Mark






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